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Consider how precious metal ownership has proven to be an effective tool in protecting your purchasing power against inflationary trends. As an example, a 1964 minted dime consisted of 90% investment grade silver and in that same year two of those coins could buy you a gallon of gas. Given the value of that silver today, you would still be able to purchase a gallon of gas. Now consider when the US was using a gold standard where the bearer of a dollar bill could exchange it for gold. 

PMB&V has developed an innovative and practical solution that provides similar protection to the once enjoyed gold / silver standard by allowing clients to access and spend their precious metals bullion investment as if it were cash. Our proprietary operating platform along with our Precious Metals Access Card functions unlike the competitions precious metal credit or prepaid debit card that requires a client to sell a metal in order to load a card.  All our clients need to do is use their debit card and the metal/currency exchange is automatic, avoiding the guess work as well as potential commercial transaction disruption inherent using a prepaid credit/debit card platform. 

PMB&V is transparent with the cost of helping our clients implement on their precious metals investment strategy. We secure client metals in segregated/allocated vault storage. We only transact in notable recognizable industry investment grade precious metals. We ensure clients have ready access to their investment for viewing or taking custody.  If a client desires to redeem their precious metals asset, within 48 hours of notification (or as soon as administratively feasible and practical) we will ship them their metals at their expense. 



Open a precious metal holding account(s) of your choice allowing us to service your investment.


Our founder, Dale Olmstead, began working with precious metals more than 38 years ago when starting his career as a journeyman jeweler.  During Dale's many years of owning and operating a jewelry business in Spokane WA, he gained an appreciation and working knowledge of the wealth preservation capabilities of holding precious metals well beyond the intrinsic aesthetic enjoyment of those metals in jewelry.  As a student of wealth preservation and the evolution away from our gold standard into a fiat monetary system; approximately five years ago Dale set out on a journey to determine a method of protecting wealth with precious metals investment while at the same time accessing those investments as a ready means of commercial exchange. The result of that journey is PMB&V, LLC and the Precious Metals Access Debit Card.


Gold Silver Vault - our primary long-term solution for protecting your precious metal investments utilizing their state of the art vault storage facility also supported by robust armed response protection and risk of loss insurance underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

Perpetual Assets - providing our clients with the vehicle to transfer their retirement savings into a self-directed LLC IRA, thereby giving clients checkbook type control over retirement investments and the only way to take actual physical delivery of precious metals purchased by an IRA.