Do I have legal right to the metal in the vault and how do I know it is really there?

Yes, you own the precious metals you have engaged us as agent to secure in a vault on your behalf.

When contracting with PMB&V for your precious metal custody and administration, you will know the location of the vault and have the contact information of the professional vault operator.

On a periodic basis we provide you with an internal vault holding report as verification that your investment has been properly accounted for and is secure. On an annual basis you will receive an independent third party audit report for verification.

What are PMB&V safeguards for protecting my precious metal investments?

In addition to contracting with only well established and properly insured vault operations, at all times metals in our custody are insured against risk of loss. In addition to insurance, we do not operating on a "fractional reserve basis" which means we only hold our client's metal investment on a fully allocated basis. This means that none of the metals we manage will ever be encumbered by third party rights.

What if some unforeseen event occurs and PMB&V ceases to operate?

Under our physical custody operating structure you will have the additional confidence in knowing that in the unlikely event PMB&V ceases operations, you are able to take full delivery of your metals contingent on your metal investment position as it compares to the allocation of segregated bars.

For clarification; at the time you decide to take delivery and you are only holding a fractional position in a bar we may not be able to provide you with a bar size that matches that fractional position. In cases such as this actual metal delivery may prove impractical and you would therefore receive a monetary distribution for the full value of that fractional metal position on the date of distribution.

Does PMB&V take client privacy seriously?

Yes. We protect our client's privacy utilizing not only the latest in encryption technology for preventing unauthorized access to our data systems, we will also never disclose this information to a third party without required client consent.

How am I informed of the balances in my currency and precious metal holding accounts?

On the 15th business day following month end we distribute account statements disclosing account activity via US mail or electronically in a pass word protected file.

How do I pay for my precious metals storage costs?

On the 15th day of every month we will deduct the storage fees from your currency account.

Is the cost of precious metal storage based on the space requirements of my metal investment?

Vault operators storage & insurance fees are contingent on space and the value. Therefore monthly storage fees will fluctuate based on market value. 

Can I visit the vault where my precious metals are stored?

Yes. All we need to do is provide 48 hours notice to the vault operations where you metals are stored. Based on scheduling viewing is generally available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

How is my currency holdings account managed and protected?

Your currency holding account is maintained by Mountain West Bank and is insured to FDIC limits.

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