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Precious Metals Access Debit Card

Welcome to the future of precious metals access! With our unique system that automatically converts your choice of a precious metal into local currency by utilizing your PMB&V debit card or your personal check, you will probably be as close as anyone has been in decades to operating on a gold-type standard. You will be able to easily pay for every day consumer purchases and/or settle any debt utilizing your precious metal same as cash with the use of our Visa backed debit card.

The liquidation hierarchy of a linked currency and precious metal holding is as follows: currency first, precious metals second. Therefore, when the currency account has become depleted PMB&V will sell just enough of your precious metals to settle any charges to your currency account.


Precious Metals Holding Account Options

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

PMB&V holding accounts can be established by means of a currency deposit directing us to acquire the metals of your choice or by sending us the precious metals you currently hold (subject to approval). All precious metals you deliver to us or that we purchased on your behalf will be placed in a high security vault at which time you will be issued a precious metals access debit card for your immediate discretionary use.


Precious Metals Holding Account Protection

No Commingling of funds from other holding accounts is ever allowed, meaning your cash is segregated and never mixed with any other holding accounts.

Your precious metals are insured while in PMB&V's custody. Meaning, if there is a loss it will be replaced with like kind at time of loss.

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