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Buy / Sell Pricing

Pricing is contingent on several factors such as volume and prevailing market conditions. We pride ourselves on our policy of transparency and being competitive on both the pricing of purchase orders that you have placed with us as well as the price we will pay to buy back your metals. You will often find deep discounts from other sellers and buyers of precious metals when you decide to liquidate your positions with them.

When placing an order our price quote will be valid for six (6) hours allowing you an ample amount of time to compare our price to what is currently available in the marketplace. To facilitate your research you will find current gold and silver prices using the following links:

Compare Silver Prices Compare Gold Prices

Compare Silver Prices Compare Gold Prices

Storage & Insurance Charges

Storage & insurance is a pass through charge to you and the charge will fluctuate in direct proportion to the value of metals stored. Storage & insurance charges are billed monthly and are due by the 15th day of every month.

Liquidation Of Metals Investment To Cover Cash Holding Account Activity And Unpaid Holding Costs

Liquidation of your metals investment is contingent upon the activity in your linked cash holding account. Only when it is required to cover a cash holding account disbursements will your metal investment position be liquidated with just enough metals to bring your cash balance back to a positive.

SIC (Storage & Insurance Charges) are due by the 15th of each month and will be automatically withdrawn from your cash holding account first then if no cash is available just enough metals will be disbursed to cover the SIC.

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